Real Sisters are Real Women

Many woman try to be something they are not.  They try to be what they feel men, or even other woman, want them to be.  But sisters, real sisters, know better and rally in being authentic as ugly as it may seem.  We can’t cook, we dress lousy, we can’t spell, we use lousy grammar, we use no make up, we are not polite and gracious, we get mad at each other and even yell our heads off.  But in the long run we appreciate each other’s beautiful minds.  Yes, beautiful minds, minds that stretch beyond the collective niceness that woman are suppose to fit into.  Minds that can be wild, stupid, joyful, spiritual, gross, or funny.  Minds that connect in a way that minds can not connect in if they are restrained by guidelines set by others.  We are going to share with you some of our zany mindless yet mindful madness and fun and humor.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

I think beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  Go to a art museum and stand there and just look…ooo and ahhh! I think we are like that…I also think we are also like hand blown glass. All of us are different and works of art.
It is okay to be different.We are fragile, so handle with care.
Your right sister time does have a way of smoothing us out.
As far as we women being like grass…well the Bible does say we humans are like grass, we are only here for a moment.So I say to all the women in the world…Live! Laugh and Love–Before you are covered by dirt!
Time is all we have.And as long as we go to the “Rock” instead of throwing them, we will make it. We can be strong like a rock!


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OSS: What is this nonsense about graceful as a swan and beautiful?

Older Skeptic Sister: Listen Sister, we are not swans nor roses.  We is ugly.  Not as ugly as men but we is no delicate and fluffy plant nor animal.  Well, if fat can be called fluff.  Now you know and I know we run into stuff and wilt a lot.  May be you was just day dreaming.  Why, I thought we are more like… say… grass.  We cover up a lot of dirt and turn green with envy.  Or perhaps we are more like pebbles.  We are all busted up and smooth from being tossed around a lot by time.  What do you think?  Now be honest, none of this flowery or fluffy stuff.  Remember, we are real sisters too.

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Beautiful As A Rose

Women are beautiful.  We love beautiful things. We love to be together. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Handle with love and care because we do have thorns!


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Graceful As a Swan

Lord, help me to be as graceful as a swan…

Because you know me, I am not a swan. Or maybe I am?

I will fight for my space, my family and my friends. Squack!

Still help me to be graceful.


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